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We are all plowed with BIG piles in common areas.  Will they ever go away???? 
The contractor has made paths to the bus stops for all our kids.  
If you need help, please send an email to: or call Judy Meehan at 571-334-6578.
Stay Safe!  More Updates will be posted here!

Wednesday - Trash and Recycling services for Wednesday, January 27th, have been cancelled.  Your TRASH service will resume on your next scheduled trash collection day. 
Your RECYCLING service will resume on your next scheduled recycling collection day.  Please be assured we will collect any accumulated material when we return. 
Thursday Services - We will be out and attempting services on Thursday, January 28th.  Keep in mind many secondary and neighborhood roads are still in poor condition.  If our large trash and recycling trucks are unable to maneuver around safely, services will not be provided.  Your safety, as well as our safety, is our top priority. If services are not provided, please bring your items back to your home.  Service will resume on your next scheduled collection day.  As a reminder, your TRASH service will resume on your next scheduled trash collection day. 
Your RECYCLING service will resume on your next scheduled recycling collection day.  Please be assured we will collect any accumulated material when we return.

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Just A Reminder...
Hi Everyone!
            At September’s Annual Meeting in 2014, I was overwhelmed when voted on by the community to be Park Glen Heights’ new President.  My journey into Park Glen Heights began in January of  1994 – some twenty years ago.  Over these years, I’ve participated in the Board on and off, but never as president.  It’s impossible to understand all that’s involved in running a great community, like Park Glen, until you are part of this process. 
            From contracts…to tree maintenance…to collection issues…to architectural requests…to snow, we are a busy community.  When the clock strikes 7:00 pm at our monthly meeting, we are off and running.  Take a look at our website minutes to see what was discussed at our previous meetings.  (  You’ll be surprised and thankful.  It’s a fabulous opportunity to participate in your immediate environment.
           Parking accessibility is always a topic of discussion.  Did you know there are only enough parking spaces for every homeowner to have 2 cars?  You might see empty spaces, but then there are those packed areas of lower Cliffhaven + Overlook Park.  So, if you live an area where it’s tough to get a space, think about parking in a less packed section of the community.  Consider it exercise!   
Questions?  Please contact me…
Judy Meehan, President
Park Glen Heights Homeowners Association


~ Neighborhood News ~
New Management Contact
Posted on Dec 1st, 2015
Our new Summit Management contact is:
Rhonda Murray, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager
Summit Management Services, Inc., AAMC
8405-A Richmond Highway / Alexandria, VA  22309
703-746-8585 (fax)
301-495-0146 (customer service)

Trash Removal Guidelines!
Posted on Nov 24th, 2014

Trash Removal
Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Recycling is picked up every Tuesday. Even with these two pick-ups, trash continues to accumulate in our community, especially behind homes.
  • Trash should be kept in heavy duty plastic bags and must be kept in sturdy covered containers – not in cardboard boxes.
  • Trash containers must be stored within the dwelling property line until the scheduled trash pick-up day and brought back within the property line on the same day as the trash is picked up.
  • You (the homeowner or resident) are responsible for cleaning up any spillage of his/her trash.
Please contact American Disposal to arrange for a special pick up at 703-368-0500 at least 24 hours in advance for large items behind your fence/property dwelling line. 

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