Park Glen heights
Annandale, Virginia
Parking Permits! – Check your parking permits to be certain they
are sticking! The PGHHOA Board is recommending you tape them
in place on your back window. Towing is being reinforced!

Parking Restrictions over the Holidays! – Every year, we lift the
parking restrictions in the community to allow for family and
friends to visit.
During the Thanksgiving Schedule:
There will be no towing effective 11:00 pm on Wednesday,
November 21 through 11:00 pm on Monday, November 26.
During the Christmas holiday:
There will be no towing effective 11:00 pm on Friday, December
21 through 11:00 pm on Wednesday, January 2, 2019!
Trash Pick-Up! – Please check American Disposal’s website: for answers to all
of your recycling questions and their upcoming holiday schedule.


Please Review


The PGH HOA Board of Directors and management have taken note of the

continuous dumping of unwanted furniture. The Association does provide bulk trash

removal as part of the trash removal contract with American Disposal Service.


The removal of the discarded special bulk items must be curbside in front of your townhouse.

They will remove up to three bulk items FREE on Fridays by appointment only. 


To see the entire letter please click here.

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